Gear Rack Actuator 650N

SKYRO 650 is the new linear gear rack actuator provided with advanced technology and synchronization (Nekos Syncro³ Patent).
The new series of SKYRO actuators are the result of Nekos' experience in this field, which aims to provide products that are robust, durable, easy to assemble and with excellent value for money.
SKYRO 650 presents improved performances, more reliability and multiple use possibilities:
▪ The application is versatile and modular. The actuator is provided with a new electronics and with the latest generation synchronization and mechanical set-up to further contribute to make this actuator very versatile.
▪ Automations of domes, large skylights, Shed windows, rooflights, sunshade blades, battery- awning windows are the most frequent applications.
▪ It is possible both to install several motors in Syncro³ version on the same window and idle thrust points connected with connection bar, these latter are not necessary in case of several actuators in Syncro³ modus.
▪ Protection degree IP65.
▪ The actuator is fixed by means of a clamp system along the entire length of the shaft and with oscillating support that allows the actuator to follow the opening radius of the frame.
▪ Available strokes:
- 180, 230 mm for louvres and solar shading blades;
- 350, 550, 750 and 1000 mm for application on windows.

Product details


Linear gear rack actuator suitable for opening awning windows, dome rooflights and dormers.
• Thrust and traction force of 650 N.
• Operates at 110-230V~ 50/60Hz or 24V DC.
• Power absorption limit switch while opening and closing and acting as electronic overload protection.
• Can be synchronized with other actuators and parallel connected. Application of several thrust points on the same window with Syncro³ actuators and idle thrust points.
• Supplied with a universal pivoting bracket, which can be fixed along the entire length of the rod by means of two sliding clamps.

Complies with EU directives (EMC directives, Low Voltage Directive).


CODE 4010013

Small parts packaging for SKY

CODE 4010014

Bracket for fixing to the frame

CODE 4010015

Actuator support bracket

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