Rack Operated Actuator 600N

After the first decade Nekos also made modifications and developments in their family of linear rack actuators. The new Sky 650 improves its performance, reliability and range of applications. The push and pull force of 600 N controlled and managed by a microprocessor guarantees long lasting reliability. Versatile and modulable without expensive parts and accessories, the new electronics and latest-generation mechanical setup contribute to making this actuator even more unique in its kind. Light domes, skylights, sun blinds or a series of awning windows are the most common applications. The rack strokes ranging from 180 to 1000 mm allow for a broad range of applications. The actuator is fastened by means of a clamp system along the entire length of the rod with oscillating support that allows the actuator to follow the opening radius of the window.

Product details

Linear rack actuator suited for moving awning windows, hopper windows, dormer windows and light domes.
• Push and pull force of 600 N. One or more push points with a maximum of four motorized actuators;
• It is designed to function at 230V AC 29 50Hz or 24V DC;
• Stroke-end at absorption of power in ope- ning and closing and as electronic protection against overload;
• The actuator comes complete with universal swivel bracket that can be fixed at any point along the rod with two sliding clamps;
• Can be connected in parallel.

Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive).


COD. 4010013

Small parts packaging for Sky

COD. 4010014

Bracket for fixing to the frame

COD. 4010015

Support brackets

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