Gear Rack Actuator 450N

Designed based on the SKY family, it combines force and versatility in a machine that has a push and pull force of 450N.
▪ The load-bearing structure is made from high-strength composite material (glass fibre-reinforced polyamide), with around section stainless steel gear rack.
▪ Thanks to the sliding clamp system, the actuator can be fixed anywhere along the entire length of the rod, even at the head and the support pivots to adjust to the rotation of the window. SKY 450 can be applied in tandem with a single rod for a second push point.
▪ Available strokes:
- 180, 230 mm for louvres and solar shading blades;
- 350, 550, 750 and 1000 mm for application on windows.

Product details

Nekos SKY 450

Linear gear rack actuator suitable for opening awning windows, dome rooflights and dormers.
• Push and pull force of 450 N with one or more push points. It is designed to function at 230V AC 50Hz;
• Stroke-end at absorption of power in opening and closing and as electronic protection against overload;
• Can be connected in parallel;
• Standard colors: ANODIZED SILVER for metal parts in extruded aluminum and GREY (approx. RAL7035) for the shell of the gear motor. The power supply cable is always white.
• The actuator comes complete with universal swivel bracket that can be fixed at any point along the rod with two sliding clamps;
Additional characteristics are provided in the Technical Data table.

Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive).


CODE 4010013

Small parts packaging for SKY

CODE 4010051

Bracket for fixing to the frame

CODE 4010052

Actuator support bracket

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