2-Channel recessed Radio Receiver

Small two-channel receiving module used for remote control of actuators, rolling shutters and blinds, wireless control for switching on lights and smart management. Highly compact two-channel receiver with two relays powered directly by the mains power system, equipped with a high-performance OOK / ASK superheterodyne receiver with outstanding reliability controlled by a microprocessor with decoding function, radio remote control self-learning and antistatic digital filter for improved radio performance. The module allows programming without the need to physically access the board. It uses a SAW filter to improve selectivity and suppress out-of-band interference. This module is equipped with a reliable and efficient power supply with low consumption (standby ≤0.3W) distinguished for its wide range of voltages.
It is also protected against overvoltage on the mains input.
Device compliant with the European standards I-ETS 300 220 and ETS 300 683.
Remote control to be ordered separately.

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