Autonomous Central Unit For 24V Motors

MODIX control unit is a unit that provides the SERIE KL with a battery pack, to supply 24V motors autonomously, even in the absence of mains voltage. When power is not required, a charging device keeps the batteries always charged and ready for use.
All the control and command functions are the same as on the SERIE KL control units, with the same circuit board integrated into the MODIX, therefore it interfaces with all the same devices that connect to the KL units (sensors, controls, 24V motors).
In the event that power greater than 1,2Ah is required, the battery pack capacity should be increased. MODIX control unit is housed in an impact-resistant (grey) plastic cabinet with an IP43 protection rating containing the batteries, a backup charging device, the interface board and the required SERIE KL control unit circuit board. The “R” version, provided of radio receiver, allows the remote command of motorisations by PIK 30-channels remote control.
The device has CE marking and conforms to relevant EU industry directives.

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