Chain Actuator 200N

Electric chain actuator for awning windows, hopper windows, dormer windows and light domes. KIMO is a latest-generation actuator equipped with a microprocessor that can be combined with building management domotics. Intelligent, compact and robust (made entirely of metal), it’s the smallest actuator for windows available on the market. Combined with the BK-Lock and perimeter fittings, it consti- tutes a security window lock. Recessed mounting on any European chamber profile. It fixes onto the frame with two brackets. Remarkably quiet (only 42 dB) and sturdy, with compact dimensions of only 28x28x310 mm.
KIMO has the following functions:
• Progressive starting ramp;
• Power control over the entire stroke;
• Intuitive and immediate stroke selection with a dip-switch;
• Relax function, with relaxation of mechanical parts after each stoke-end generated by a mechanical block;
• Nekos patented chain;
• Embedded window brackets that allow the motor to be inspected, even during a power outage or product failure.

Product details

Electric actuator with three-link articulated chain (Nekos patent), enclosed in an appropriate metal casing, suited for moving awning and hopper windows.
• Traction and thrust power 200 N;
• Operates at low voltage of 24V DC;
• Opening stroke-end can be adjusted at any time by selecting the appropriate dip-switches, closing stroke-end at power absorption and as protection against overload;
• Supplied complete with pivoting support brackets, without screws and with universal coupling brackets for awning and hopper windows;
• Can be connected in parallel.

Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive).


CODE 4010084

Support brackets flush-mounted
Series colour grey RAL9006

CODE 4010085

Half-brackets for chain junction
Series colour grey RAL9006

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