Chain Actuator 200N

A flush-mounted electric chain actuator for top hung outward opening windows, bottom hung inward opening windows and for pivoting frame windows. KIMO 202 is Nekos's answer to demands for concealed installations inside window frames with ever smaller profiles.
KIMO 202 Actuator has very small dimensions (21×28,5x354mm), is supplied in 3 colour variants (white, black and grey) and has a sturdy structure made of high strength composite material. These features allow it to be extremely versatile and be used both in concealed and visible applications.
Extremely silent (40 dB(A)), equipped with a patented 3-link chain and provided with three opening strokes, which are immediately and easily selectable through dip-switch. The actuator is already integrated with implemented synchronization (Syncro³ - Patent) which enables him to operate both alone and in systems up to eight actuators without any control unit.
If combined with the K-LOCK electro lock, it provides a burglar-proof window lock. KIMO 202 can be also connected to AUX, which is a complementing accessory for natural ventilation systems using motors operating at 24V DC.
Actuator special version, UL/CSA certified.

Product details


Electric chain actuator with sturdy structure made of high strength composite material with fibreglass, suited for moving top hung outward opening windows, bottom hung inward opening windows and for pivoting frame windows.
• Operates at low voltage (24V DC);
• Nekos patented chain;
• Traction power 200 N, thrust 150 N (100 mm);
• Three selectable opening strokes by dip-switch: 100, 170 and 250mm;
• Progressive starting ramp;
• Power control over the entire stroke;
• Stroke-end at closing with power absorption and with protection against overload;
• Relax function, with relaxation of mechanical parts after each stop by power absorption;
• Supplied complete with pivoting support brackets for concealed installation and sash connection bracket. Flush-mounted window brackets allow the motor to be inspected, even if the window is closed or during a power outage;

Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive) and UL/CSA certified.


COD. 4010146

Support brackets - series colour

COD. 4010147

Support brackets flush-mounted - series colour

COD. 4010085

Half-brackets for chain junction Series colour grey RAL9006

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