300N Chain actuator

The strong points of Nekos products are recognized in all the actuators, and Kato is the mother product of the entire family. An idea fulfilled by the expertise of its inventor over the last 10 years is now used by frame manufacturers, light dome manufacturers, mansarded window manufacturers, electricians and special applications. Brackets for quick coupling of the actuator in its working position, variable strokes that can be electronically selected, ease of hooking the chain to the frame, and the relax function are the primary characteristics that distinguish Kato and all the other actuators born after it. The actuator is compact, with a cross-section of only 37×59 cm, and the bodywork and brackets are made of high-strength composite material (glass fiber reinforced polyamide).



Conn. 24 V Solo

Conn. 230 V Solo

Product details

Electric actuator with double-row four-link articulated chain enclosed in an appropriate composite casing, suited for moving awning windows, hopper windows, dormer windows and light domes.
• The actuator has a push and pull force of 250N and is designed to function at 110/230V AC 50/60Hz or 24V DC;
• Two opening strokes with mechanical selection;
• Stroke-end stop during opening and closing at power absorption and as protection against overloading;
• It is supplied complete with quick coupling screw-less assembly brackets (patented). Awning or hopper window brackets with quick coupling (patented);
• Can be connected in parallel.

Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive).


COD. 4010002

Standard support brackets - series colour

COD. 4010005

Bracket for outward opening - series colour

COD. 4010006

Vasistas bracket - series colour

COD. 4010053

Quick hitch to the chain

COD. 4010003

Brackets for vertical mounting – series color

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