Remote-controlled Actuator 230V

KATO ADV Radio is the wireless evolution of the KATO family.
▪ It has the same body but with a different and evolved intelligence. Complete with a radio frequency receiver integrated in the body of the actuator, it is suited for installation wherever there is need for remote control through the PIK Radio Remote Control with rolling code technology.
▪ In any case it can also be used connected to a wire pulse control located near the window.
▪ Combined with the series of rain detectors NRS1, it allows automatic closure of the window by wire signal in case of rain, without using additional control units.

Remote control and rain sensor are provided separately.



Conn. 230 V

Product details

Electric actuator with a double-row four-link articulated chain enclosed in a sturdy composite material housing (glass fibre-reinforced polyamide). Suitable for opening awning windows, hopper windows, dome rooflights and dormers.
• Traction and thrust power 300 N;
• Designed to function at a voltage of 230V AC 50Hz;
• Stroke-end: electronic opening stroke-end with variable strokes that can be selected at any time with the dip-switches. Closing stroke-end with power absorption;
• Supplied complete with screw-less quick coupling actuator mounting brackets (patented) and quick coupling/release awning or hopper window brackets (patented);
• Can be connected in parallel.

Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive).


CODE 4010002

Standard support brackets - Series colour

CODE 4010005

Bracket for outward opening - Series colour

CODE 4010006

Vasistas bracket - Series colour

CODE 4010053

Chain rapid release hook
Stainless steel Material

CODE 4010003

Brackets for vertical mounting – Series color

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