Metallic chain actuator 350 N

INKA 356 extends the offer in terms of power (350 N) and stroke range (from 100 to 1000 mm), while also adapting to all types of windows (awning windows, hopper windows, dome rooflights and dormers) and providing the possibility of flush mounting.
▪ The machine, enclosed in an aluminium housing, features an elegant design and compact dimensions (34,6 x 37 mm), allowing surface mounting with minimal visual impact, flush mounting and installation on curtain walls.
▪ Natural Smoke and Heat Extraction (N-SHE/RWA): INKA 356 is made entirely of metal and has been certified in accordance with standard EN12101-2 for use in RWA systems.
▪ Silent operation: only 41 dB, with no loss in power.

Product details

Electric actuator with Stainless steel double-row four-link articulated chain enclosed in a sturdy aluminium housing, suitable for opening awning windows, hopper windows, dome rooflights and dormers.
• Thrust and traction power 350 N;
• Built to operate with 110-230V~ 50/60Hz voltage or 24V DC Safety ELV (SELV) voltage RWA systems, in accordance with European Standard EN12101-2;
• Power control over the entire stroke (stops in the event of overload);
• Progressive starting (SOFT START) and closing (SOFT STOP).
• Stroke end: electronic stroke-end during opening, with a variable stroke that can be selected through dip-switches, self-adjustment of the closing position (with power absorption) and automatic overlap acquisition;
• Relax Function: release of tension in mechanical parts after each stroke-end generated by a stop for power absorption;
• All mounting brackets must be requested separately.

Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive).


CODE 4010115

Metallic bracket for vasistas mounting - Series colour grey RAL9006

CODE 4010116

Metallic bracket for vertical outward application - Series colour grey RAL9006

CODE 4010117

Metallic bracket for horizontal outward application - Series colour grey RAL9006

CODE 4010118

Metallic support brackets - Series colour grey RAL9006

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