FV – Intelligent Smoke And Heat Extraction Control Units

These compact control units were developed in accordance with European standard EN 12101 part 9 and 10.
Openings for the extraction of smoke in the upper part of the building and a sufficient number of fresh air intakes in the lower areas, combined with the use of these control units, allow smoke, gas and heat to be extracted naturally, enabling people still present in the building to abandon it through a low-smoke zone. In the meantime, fire fighters can deal with the fire and the rescue services can evacuate the people safely.
The heart of system is the compact FV-3 (output 3 A) and/or FV-6 (output 6 A) control panel: the panel includes a primary and secondary power supply, as well as all the control technology for the functioning of 24V DC actuators installed. The control unit activates the actuators for daily ventilation and in the event of fire. The control units include special ventilation functions (limited ventilation, deadman switch, automatic ventilation) that can be programmed individually by the user.
In the event of a power failure, the emergency power supply with lead/acid batteries keeps the smoke and heat extraction system in operation for at least 72 hours.

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Saving Stairwells Well-Directed

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (FV) systems demonstrate an important component in the preventative constructional fire control. Flames are not the greatest danger for people during a fire in a building, but rather the toxic fire smoke. Through the smoke extraction openings in the area at the top of the building and sufficient fresh air inlets in lower areas, smoke and heat can extract. This enables people who are still in the premises to leave the building in a low-graded smoke zone. Meanwhile the fire brigade is able to extinguish the fire and rescue personnel can bring out the people safely from the building.

The smoke and heat extraction system is an important part of fire control in buildings. With the installation of FV systems, many lives can be saved in case of an emergency. Therefore it is required by law in many European countries. The building permit authorities determine the manner in which these conditions are implemented. Before installation of a smoke and heat extraction system, it must be demonstrated that the system meets the official requirements.

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