Power Supply unit

ALI’SW is the power supply device for low-voltage motors designed to be inserted in the Italian-type 3-module recessed power and switching modules. Switching power supply with 110/230V AC (+/- 10%) 50/60Hz input, it supplies an output voltage of 24V DC stabilized, with maximum current of 0.5 A. The control for operation of the motor uses the innovative touch-switch technology that activates the control by simply touching the key: “deadman’s switch” or step/step in automatic.
The touch-switch board can be applied on any commercial hole-cover element maintaining an elegant electric control integrated in the design of the home environment. The wiring to quick connectors between touch-switch and power supply unit is 20 cm long for insertion in the same recessed box; on request, an 80 cm cable is available when the solution is used on two different boxes.
Adding a control unit and light sensor, it is possible to adjust the brightness in the room independently and automatically as the external lighting changes.

Product details

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