Our Nekos staff was protagonist at the IBS (International Builders Show) 2020 too, the world’s largest and most important annual trade fair for the construction industry.

Hosted in the large exhibition space of the Coventional Center in Las Vegas, with more than 95000 participants and 1400 suppliers, it brought together the best branch professionals in an important showcase event, during which the latest trends, examples of technological advancement and energy efficiency and many new products were presented to the global market as a result of innovation and design.

On this occasion Nekos presented a world premiere of the brand new KIMO 202 Actuator, an evolution of the previous version of the same name: the Kimo.

KIMO 202 Actuator has very small dimensions (21×28,5x354mm), is supplied in 3 colour variants (white, black and grey) and offers the possibility to select up to 3 strokes (100, 170, 250mm), these features allow it to be extremely versatile and be used both in concealed and visible applications on doors and windows with reduced profiles.

Syncro3 technology (Nekos Patent) is offered as standard, allowing the actuator to operate either alone or in systems with up to 8 units without using control units.

Equipped with a silent (40 dB(A)) and powerful (200N) motor and fitted with a patented 3-link chain, KIMO 202 is supplied with brackets that allow access for inspection even when the window is closed or in the absence of power supply, also in case of concealed installation.

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Chain, rack, rod actuators.

Window frames come in various types, sizes and weights. Some are installed where atmospheric agents such as wind and snow may play an important role in the determination of the forces required to move them. This is why there are different families of automations that differ basically in their actuation system. The actuators can be ChainRack or Rod actuators. Sometimes the frames must be moved automatically for practicality or security reasons, using electronic control devices such as control units for detection of atmospheric events or smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. Before installing an actuator on the frame, it is necessary to check that the actuator is suited for the work to be carried out and, especially, that it has the desired performance characteristics.

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