Frame automation:
a single goal, many satisfied customers.

Our company is dynamic, with a strong  vocation for technologically advanced solutions. Moreover Nekos is the only one in its sector dedicated exclusively to frame automations aimed at smoke and heat extraction systems and natural ventilation systems. What is the outcome of our work? A wide selection of cutting edge products. This is the outcome of constant and innovative research and of the active cooperation with our customers and partners, who play a leading role as fundamental sources towards the development of the brand Nekos.

People and technology,
it is a matter of open-mindedness.

Being objective-driven and competitive, our goal is constant improvement of our products to grant quality and reliability to  customers and installers.
Throughout the years we have gained considerable experience in managing the whole process as an highly efficient organizational structure, a system composed of gears working together in perfect synchrony starting from product design to production and post-sale assistance.
Thanks to a wide vision aimed at constant improvement, this tight knit, efficient and dynamic team faces new challenges day by day.

Born Italians,
grew global.

We gained experience in combining aesthetic and functionality by producing automations for windows tailored to different window frame from outward frame, vasistas frame, roof frame, dome and skylights. While designing new solutions, we take into consideration also installers’ point of view in order to find the perfect equilibrium between designand easiness of installing. This kind of flexible approach has allowed Nekos to create a wide and complete selection of actuators, accessories and new patents and to welcome ambitious projects also at international level. So far, Nekos window automations reach a global scale in the market. This great achievement encourages us to look for innovative and practical solutions further.

Please contact our sales
or technical department for any informationor a free quotation

Please contact our sales
or technical department for any informationor a free quotation